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About Us

International Fence has been providing quality sound barriers and retaining walls since 1976. Hundreds of kilometers of sound and retaining walls have been installed throughout Southern Ontario and International Fence continues to be the leading manufacturer and installer of wet cast concrete walls. We have earned a reputation for integrity and quality workmanship and continue to stand behind our products. The design and manufacture of the International Fence sound barrier fence systems meets or exceeds the design requirements of all relevant codes and standards.

Registered as an approved manufacturer by the Road Authority, International Fence manufacturers and installs all of their products and maintains a sales revenue of over $2 million annually.

Unique Design Features

Precast concrete ensures a quality and durable product because it is cast in a controlled environment. International Fence uses a unique wet-cast concreting system, providing a maintenance free, dense weather and salt resisting surface. Wet cast concrete allows for a variety of colours and finishes, including sand blasted, exposed aggregate, acid washed and bush hammered, providing the owner with the ability to adapt the fence to the individual project needs.

The precast panels are mounted to steel posts and anchored with a caisson foundation, uniquely designed for every project to accommodate the type and condition of the soils at each site. The following design features are standard:

  • Reflective on both sides
  • Length of panel has been designed to minimize site disturbances
  • Galvanized steel posts
  • Epoxy coated reinforcing steel

Other optional features include:

  • Various heights and configurations are available to suit the needs of the project
  • Retaining wall panels are available where elevations may vary
  • Access doors and fire hose openings are available where required
  • Precast column covers that are placed between concrete panels, concealing the supporting steel posts

For a sample of our projects and available customizations, see the Installation Map and Product Lines

Product Lines

Vertarib Series

Vertarib Series in Burlington

Vertarib Series in Burlington

The Vertarib Series is uniquely designed to achieve an effective, visually attractive and economical product. The concrete perimeter rib allows for the provision of the concrete cover to the reinforcing steel, while the recessed center ensures a lighter, more manageable handling weight. Further, the textured surface will disperse the sound waves as they strike the wall, increasing the effectiveness of the fence as a sound barrier and reflector.



Palladian Series

Palladian Series in Brampton

Palladian Series in Brampton

The Palladian Series has the same reflective properties as the Vertarib Series, although aesthetically it is much different. The Palladian Series concrete panels are broom finished and formed with false masonry joints in order to have the appearance of block masonry.

Installation Map

Before and After Views

Move the arrows back and forth to see the before and after views of our work.

Cawthra Road at Rathburn Road, Mississauga, ON


Burnhamthorpe Road and Hurontario Road, Mississauga, ON


Elora Drive and Burnhamthorpe Road, Mississauga, ON

Standards and Associations

International Fence’s precast sound barriers are designed to the most stringent standards, including:

  • CAN/CSA S6-06 – Canadian Highway Bridge Design Code (CHBDC)
  • CAN/CSA A23.1-04/A23.2-04 – Concrete Materials and Methods of Concrete Construction/Methods of Test and Standard Practices for Concrete
  • CAN/CSA A23.4-05 – Precast Concrete
  • CAN/CSA G164-M92 (R2003) – Hot Dip Galvanizing of Irregularly Shaped Articles
  • CSA G40.20-13/G40.21-13 – General Requirements for Rolled or Welded Structural Quality Steel/Structural Quality Steel
  • CSA S16-09 – Design of Steel Structures
  • CSA W47.1-09 – Certification of Companies for Fusion Welding of Steel
  • CSA W59-13 – Welded Steel Construction (metal arc welding)
  • CSA Z107.9-00 – Standard for Noise Barriers
  • Ontario Building Code (OBC) 2012
  • OPSS 760 – Construction Specification for Noise Barrier Systems

Look for more information on our approved product on the Road Authority of Ontario website road_authority


Q: How do I know I am receiving a quality product?

A: Our product has been approved by the Road Authority of Ontario and the Ministry of Transportation. In order to achieve this status, stringent material testing was conducted and analyzed to ensure the panels are to the top quality standard.


Q: Where are the precast panels manufactured?

A: International Fence is located in Bolton, Ontario. See map


Q: How much does it cost?

A: Because each precast sound barrier is uniquely designed for each project, costs can be dependent on a variety of factors. For a quote, please Contact Us.

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